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The Two Maids Pay For Performance Plan

One of the most common questions that Two Maids & A Mop receives is, "Why do you think you're better than all the other cleaning services in town?" It's a valid question because the fact is most cleaning companies say that they are better than everybody else. What makes Two Maids & A Mop so different? It all boils down to three little words: pay for performance. That's what makes us different. We pay our employees based on our customers feedback. The happier our employees make you, the more money they're able to make with our company. It's a simple concept. But the funny thing is that we're still the only cleaning company around that does business in this manner.

The compensation plan provides our customers with a comfort level that is unmatched within the home cleaning industry. The plan essentially creates an owner out of every single employee because our employee's paycheck is directly determined by the opinion of a customer. Our customers rate their satisfaction level on a simple scale from 1-10 and the number determines the exact compensation level for the two maids responsible for cleaning the home. The plan serves as a tremendous motivational tool and allows for our customers to have all of the power. We love the plan and owe a great deal of our company's success to the innovative compensation plan.

That's why we get to call ourselves "A Maid Service Worth Talking About." And that's also why we think that we're better than any other cleaning service in town.

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